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Adjustable Tourmaline Magnetic Therapy Self Heating Back Waist Support Belt

Adjustable Tourmaline Magnetic Therapy Self Heating Back Waist Support Belt

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Don't let back pain hold you back from enjoying life to the fullest. Invest in our Adjustable Tourmaline Magnetic Therapy Self Heating Back Waist Support Belt and experience the remarkable relief and support it provides. Take care of your back, and your back will take care of you!

Key Features:

  1. Tourmaline Magnetic Therapy: The belt is embedded with high-quality tourmaline magnets that emit far-infrared rays, known for their therapeutic benefits. The gentle heat generated by these magnets helps increase blood circulation, relax muscles, and reduce inflammation, promoting natural healing and pain relief.
  2. Self-Heating Technology: The self-heating feature utilizes your body's natural warmth to activate the therapeutic effects of the tourmaline magnets. It means you don't need any additional power source or batteries, making it convenient for use anytime and anywhere.
  3. Adjustable and Secure Fit: The belt is designed with an adjustable strap, allowing you to customize the compression level and ensure a snug fit for any body shape or size. The secure fastening ensures that the belt stays in place, even during vigorous activities.
  4. Comfortable and Breathable: Crafted from high-quality, breathable neoprene material, the support belt offers excellent comfort and ensures proper ventilation. The lightweight and durable construction make it suitable for extended wear throughout the day.
  5. Versatile Use: Whether you suffer from lower back pain, muscle stiffness, or just need additional support during physical activities, our waist support belt is ideal for various situations. It can be used during workouts, sports, office work, or simply for daily chores.
  6. Unisex Design: This support belt is designed to suit both men and women, making it a perfect choice for anyone seeking relief and support for their back and waist.


  • Relieves lower back pain and discomfort: The tourmaline magnetic therapy enhances blood flow and eases tension, providing soothing relief from backaches and muscle strains.
  • Promotes faster recovery: By encouraging improved blood circulation, the belt helps your muscles recover faster from injuries or overuse.
  • Supports better posture: The adjustable compression and ergonomic design promote proper alignment, reducing the risk of poor posture-related problems.
  • Increases flexibility: The gentle heat from the tourmaline magnets helps relax tight muscles and improves overall flexibility and mobility.
  • Enhances physical performance: Whether you're an athlete or someone leading an active lifestyle, this support belt can improve your performance by offering targeted support and reducing fatigue.

Below crowd please use it cautiously:

  1. Pregnant women and children please do not use this product.
  2. Please stop using if you have a high fever or damaged skin.
  3. Not recommended for people with skin allergies or skin temperature sensory disturbance.
  4. Patients with acute soft tissue impairment, please don't use.
  5. Please use with caution under the guidance of doctors:. Patients with serious trauma, high blood pressure or any other disease.
  6. Prohibit use! People who fitted with a heart pacemaker or metal stents and other electronic devices inside body.


Length*Width (cm/inch)

M: 105cm*13cm / 41.3inch * 5.1inch ; Waist: 80-98cm / 31-38.5inch

L: 109cm*13cm / 42.9inch * 5.1inch ; Waist: 90-102cm / 35.4-40.1inch

XL: 113cm*13cm / 44.4inch * 5.1inch ; Waist: 100-106cm / 39.3-41.7inch

XXL: 125cm*13cm / 49.2inch * 5.1inch ; Waist: 105-118cm / 41.3-46.5inch

XXXL: 135cm*13cm / 53.2inch*5.1inch ; Waist: 115-128cm / 45-50.5inch

XXXXL: 145cm*13cm / 57inch*5.1inch ; Waist: 120-138cm / 47-54.3inch

Package Included:

1Pcs x Magnetic Back Support Lumbar Brace Belt

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